Welcome Message

by Greek Minister of Culture & Sports Ms Lydia Koniordou

Lydia Koniordou

The year of cultural exchanges between China and Greece, kickstarts a close collaboration between two countries that, despite the geographical distance, share a lot: two ancient civilizations that offered the world the gifts of ideas, science and aesthetics, influencing the world culture until this day; two cultures that reach the present day with the same passion to preserve and promote their history and to fertilize contemporary creation with the most vital elements of their cultural heritage; two civilizations, deeply rooted in their soil, that are looking towards the world with the desire to share the best of their contemporary artistic creation.

Cultural exchange does not limit itself to the arts alone: it also contributes significantly to the quality of tourism, to education, sustainable growth and the environment. The year of cultural exchanges between Greece and China includes collaborations in the fields of archaeology, exhibitions and methods of conservation of antiquities; film and theatre; literary translation and visual arts, with the aim to create the broader cultural framework that will promote dialogue, creativity, education and prosperity for the peoples of China and Greece.