The Cultural Year’s Logo

Greece-China 2017 logo
The Greece-China 2017 logo


For the “2017 Greece-China Year of Cultural Exchanges and Creative Industries’ Cooperation”, the two sides agreed to the creation of a common logo that would reflect the historical and cultural depth of the two peoples, while highlighting the excellent bilateral relations.

The logo, designed by engraver Ms Myrsini Vardopoulou from the Philatelic Department of the Hellenic Post (ELTA), will appear in all publications, letterheads, invitations, banners, and events that come under the umbrella of Cultural year in both countries, as well as in the official website and the social media accounts created and run by the General Secretariat for Media and Communication especially for the promotion of the Year and its action programme.

The historical and cultural depth of the peoples of Greece and China has led to the use of two multifaceted symbols in the two cultures, the olive and the bamboo trees, whose spiritual content is reflected in their visual depictions over the centuries.

The concepts of peace and regeneration, which the olive tree symbolizes and those of virtue and welfare encompassed by the bamboo tree form a solid basis for creative cooperation.

The verbal part of the logo, written in two languages with a continuous and lively presence for millennia, complements the image in a meaningful and informative way.