Greece is a long-term and reliable strategic partner for China

Greece is a long-term and reliable strategic partner for China

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As the People's Republic of China Ambassador to Greece, Mr Zou Xiaoli, noted at the Chinese embassy reception on the occasion of 68th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the 45th anniversary of China-Greece diplomatic relations.

“China views Greece as a long-term and reliable strategic partner, appreciates the important role that Greece plays in promoting regional security and prosperity and would welcome Greece in an even more substantial role in the implementation of the New Silk Road Initiative”, noted China’s Ambassador to Greece, Mr Zou Xiaoli, during the reception to commemorate the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Greece and  China.

The ambassador described 2017 as a year of extremely rich harvest for Sino-Greek cooperation and a milestone year for the flourishing of bilateral relations. “China is ready to work with Greece on a new starting point, making every effort to deepen friendship and cooperation between the two peoples, strengthening Sino-European relations and improving the connectivity between China and the Eastern Mediterranean”, he stressed.

“Today, political trust between China and Greece is constantly strengthening, and great progress is being made in bilateral exchanges in many fields”, the Chinese Ambassador added.

Message by Hellenic Republic President Prokopis Pavlopoulos
The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos conveyed the warm wishes of the Greek people towards the Chinese people on China's national anniversary, in a videomessage that was broadcast during the event.

“We all know that Greece and China differ in terms of population size. But they converge on an important point, not only for the two peoples but also for humanity as a whole: these are two great civilizations, longstanding civilizations, which on many occasions moved in the same direction and today are even more involved. Today our two countries, despite differences in size and population, even political systems, work closely together so that peace, prosperity and, of course, progress can be established throughout the world”, Pavlopoulos noted in his message.

“Greece and China are linked by long-standing historical ties, despite the geographical distance that separates us. Relations, however, do not lean on the past, but are founded on a dynamic present and look forward to a promising future”, House Speaker, Mr Nikos Voutsis, nored in a message, adding than, “as China's selection as a guest of honour country at this year's Thessaloniki International Fair shows, our two countries appreciate the possibility as well as the necessity to further develop economic relations in many areas”.

Source: AMNA