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General Secretariat for Media and Communication

The GSMC is a unit of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information. Its mission is public communication with emphasis on the Government and its agencies. It is also engaged in monitoring, providing policy papers, and implementing legislation concerning the media, as well as shaping public policy in the field of audiovisual media in accordance with developments in technology. It is also responsible for the overall organization and management of the state’s communications at home and abroad.

More specifically, the management of the Greek state’s communication abroad is the responsibility of the Press and Communication Offices (GTA), which operate at the Diplomatic and Consular Authorities of Greece abroad. GTAs are important channels of communication between Greece and foreign media and other opinion leaders. They aim to promote the image of the country in a systematic and coordinated way and to communicate the Greek positions abroad, as well as to cultivate the spiritual and cultural ties with the Greek Diaspora.

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